Pay It Forward Thursdays and Fridays : Join us

Beloved of God,

Greetings of Peace!

I welcome you to Pay It Forward Thursdays and Fridays.  These are the days that we focus specifically on purposeful acts of kindness, encouragement and intentional blessing of other people, those who we know and even especially those we don’t know.

Blessings and encouragement in ways big and small is what it is all about.  “Pay It Forward” comes from a movie which demonstrates what it means to intentionally do purposeful blessings for someone else and it all comes back to you at just the right time.

We know that Jesus made it clear “Give and it shall be given to you. A good measure, pressed down shaken together and running over will be poured into your lap.”  These are not idle words but a central teaching and is and can be surely Good News in the lives of the people, our communities, nations and world.

We as a collective by God’s grace and power have what is needed to shift the atmosphere, and certainly these times can use a shift from lack, competition and indifference to the truth of our collective interdependence.  The fact is, everything that is needed has been provided.  And so let us share in that abundance.

Pay It Forward.

We look forward to your testimonies.  Make a point to share with us what unfolds as you open yourself to be a channel of giving.  You receive all that you need and much more!

God bless you so much and God loves you so much!

GlobalPastor RevL  and Your Ubuntu Global Village Fam 


Join us for United Fridays Fasting and Prayer : Meditation Isaiah 58

Greetings Beloved of God,

I write to invite you to join us this and every Friday in United Prayer and Fasting as we join in prayer with our partners and friends across th globe praying for the Healing of the Nations, our communities, families, nations, organizations, for children, for the world.

If you are unable to fast but would like to join us in prayer on Fridays do so. And invite your communities and families to do so as well.  If you desire teachings and instruction on fasting, write and I will be happy to share with you.

Our Meditation Scripture as we begin together in touch with our South Africa and global partners from around the world is Isaiah Chapter 58.

I suggest two things:  1) When fasting and praying, to fast from 6am to 6pm or 6am – 3pm in your time zone.  2) During the day at every 3rd hour, take some moments to touch in and pray with us.  Even for just a few minutes, breathe, pause, give thanks, lift up your prayers.

You may send your prayer requests and intentions to GlobalPastor on facebook.  Soon we will be updating the Ubuntu Global Village Prayer for the Nations group to the new facebook format and you may post requests there also.  Please email us if you will join and also join @Ubuntu Global Village Prayer for the Nations .

Tomorrow, Friday, we intercede for the Healing of the Nations, people and communities in particular.

Invite someone to join you in this prayer.

Let us know you are praying with us.

GodBless!  GodManifest!

Abundant Peace and Thanks,

GlobalPastor LaDonna Sanders Nkosi and Your Ubuntu Fam

Time to Practice Ubuntu: Together in Prayer and Solidarity with Haiti

“Times of crisis give us an opportunity to be who we really are.”

“People are praying for help.  Beloved, the help is us.”   RevL Quotes of the Day, Jan 12, 2010

In one moment, your life can change. Deadlines, pressing conversations, and to-do list items fade in the background as we heard today of the 7.0 earthquake that hit Haiti Tuesday evening.  Immediately we began engaging all our FacebookTwitter and internet connections to ignite the global prayer chain.  Join us in prayer at Ubuntu Village Global Prayer for the Nations.

We have seen in small and large, personal and communal ways that prayer is powerful and that prayer changes things.  From all over the nation and globe, the people started to pray.  And while we continue to pray, we come together in solidarity, ready to support organizations on the ground and those that will assist in the rescue, healing and restoration.

Ubuntu means “we are because you are” and “people are people THROUGH others.”  In Kinyarwanda it means “the humanness” or “the generosity.” Through Ubuntu Global Village communities, we talk about it a lot.  We embody it on the streets of South Africa with our Ubuntu Global Village empowerment and food outreach for children, youth and communities living on the street.  In Chicago and in special events around the U.S., we encourage Ubuntu.  But now is the time, more than ever that we can practice Ubuntu.  What’s happening in Haiti is happening to us.  What is happening in Sudan is happening to us.  What’s happening for homeless families and people on the streets is happening to us.  We are one Global Family.

And so, it’s time to practice Ubuntu.  We want to practice yoga and engage in this movement and that.  But now more than ever, the world needs us to practice Ubuntu.  Haiti needs us to practice Ubuntu.

Wyclef Jean’s has a strong presence on the ground in Haiti and will organize in the relief efforts.  Today, on CNN.COM , Wyclef Jean asked for the help of the international community in every way, from U.S. military assistance to the assistance of the whole global community.  We followed him on Twitter and have continued.  He wrote:

“We need the US military as soon as possible n haiti We need the 4 million Haitian that live out side of haiti to Act now, we need da world!” —Wyclef Jean

So we stand ready in prayer and solidarity. You may follow Wyclef at or donate online at    “Text YELE right now to 501 501 to donate 5 dollars toward relief in Haiti.”

Join us in prayer!  Ubuntu Global Village Prayer for the Nations

Praying Together for Southern Sudan

Greetings of Peace and New Years Blessings be with you!

Pray with us now for the region of Southern Sudan and for our brother Peter Magai Bul who is there now.  We pray God’s covering over him and over everyone there.  We speak restoration, healing, life and intervention, an end to the genocide and restoration for all that has been lost.  We speak over the nations and leaders who can intervene now to end the violence and make way for restoration.

May God raise up our awareness and support over the globe.  Let us pray together right now for the region and for everywhere that people are ravaged by war and violence.

This year, we are united in prayer and faithful action for the Healing of the Nations.

We bless God for you, for Peter Magai Bul and all those on the frontlines for peace, healing and restoration.

God bless you so much!
Holding you and these situations in the Light and in our prayers.


GlobalPastor L and the Ubuntu Global Village Team

RevL’s Notes on Kwanzaa: Reach Beyond YourSelf

And as we gather these days, let us reach beyond ourselves and “our own” to connect with and share in mutual empowerment (economically, spiritually, and communally) for the Healing of the Nations. —RevL Nkosi

Over 15 years ago, we celebrated our first Kwanzaa together.  On that January 1, Imani (Faith) day, welcomed people to come together from various cultures, faith backgrounds and corners of the city and world was something to behold in our otherwise separated and segregated city.   We welcomed people to bring friends and strangers alike and to bring something to share from their family and cultural traditions.  Perhaps you were there or at the Love Poetry Jams, Grace Hope Light of the World or other circle community gatherings that followed over the years.

Beloved Community, this is where the ministry of Ubuntu Global Village was seeded and born.  Ubuntu Global Village comes from a rich tradition and heritage of gathering folks in a circle formation and creating space for voices to be heard, connections to be made, empowerment to be experienced, and organizing to take place.

  • A New Way to Celebrate

As we celebrate Kwanzaa this year, I invite us to come out of ourselves and even out of our communities and familiar surroundings and reach across cultures, across communities, across the African Diaspora. out into the world. During the seven days of Kwanzaa, we celebrate the Nguzo Saba or 7 Principles of Kwanzaa.  Today we celebrate Ujaama which in Swahili means “cooperative economics.”  My prayer is that in this season of Kwanzaa and preparation for the New Year 2010, that we widen our vision, open our hearts and stretch our investments (personal, communal and financial) to connecting across the waters, across the African Diaspora.  We must connect with communities across the human family and unite together in mutual empowerment and encouragement for the Healing of the Nations, the healing of our communities, making way for our children and our children’s children.

This is a nice way to say, let’s get out of our individualistic mode of “me and mine,”  “my church and your church,” “my community and your community,” “my interests and your interests.” Let us step out of plantation politics and ways of being.  Let us get out of this illusion of competition with each other.  Let us “check ourselves before we wreck ourselves.”

Ubuntu in Zulu and other African languages means “We are because you are” and “people are people THROUGH others.” In Kinyarwanda it means “the generosity” and “the essence of humanity.” Our sister Marie Goretti Mukalisa of the Ubuntu Centre Rwanda puts it this way. “In fact Ubuntu as such is so rich, so complete, that any translation we try diminish the whole sense.”

So as we celebrate Kwanzaa in these days, as we prepare our hearts and lives for the New Year 2010, let us meditate on Ubuntu.  Let us open ourselves to be a part of the great grace of Ubuntu which is so needed in our lives, world and communities today.  And as we gather these days, let us reach beyond ourselves and “our own” to connect with and share in mutual empowerment (economically, spiritually, and communally) for the Healing of the Nations.

  • Welcome, Encouragement and Blessing

We’d love to hear from you and ask you to subscribe here and also subscribe and connect with our Ubuntu Community.

May God richly bless you beyond measure to be instrument of God’s peace, Light, empowerment, reconciliation and healing.

Amen and Bless-ed Be.

Rev. LaDonna

Global Pastor, MovementMother and Public Poet

RevL Meditation #1: Today’s Word and Blessing: Let Your Light so Shine

“You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light so shine before the people, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matt 5:14-16

Dear Beloved,

Many of us are dimming down.  The Light that is within us, we keep inside.  As a little girl growing up and even in years past, I used to “dim myself down,” hold myself in, hold my light in.  My excitement, my joy, my awareness of the Grace that was happening around me, I would contain it and hold it in.  In groups I would be so excited and want to share, but everyone around me was speaking in monotone, covering joy, hope and anticipation with sarcasm, apathetic words, indifference.  We have this habit at times as a people, and it is communally contagious.

Jesus said, “Let your light so shine before the people that they may see your good works and give glory to God in heaven.” The fact is, the world needs us now to let our lights so shine.  Even in the magic of the festive holiday season, we can be tempted to downplay the wonder and joy of it all.  We can overwhelm ourselves with the busyness and fill our conversations with complaints of what we have to do and what we have not yet done.  But the world needs us today to let our Lights so shine.

Today, Beloved, I ask you to treat yourself.  Let your light so shine.  Do something today that gives your heart joy.  And as soon as you begin to feel it, resist the temptation to move on to something else.  Let your Light so shine.  Encourage others to do the same.

This season is a time of Light.  And where many are living in coldness, outcast-ness, illness, hopelessness, the world needs for us to come together and let our Lights so shine.  Not just for ourselves, but for the glory, encouragement and healing of everyone.

May the Light of God’s countenance shine upon you.  May the light that is within you be rekindled, re-ignited and rejuvenated.  May you be released today to Let your Light so Shine at the level of your wildest imaginations.

Remember this, God’s light is within us, as individuals, as people, as communities, as nations.  Let us let the Light shine out in these powerful and transforming days.

God loves you so much!  God bless you so much!



Todays Word and Blessing: “Let your Light so shine before the people that they may see your good works and give glory to God in heaven.”

Hello world!: RevLInspiration:”I Write What I Like”

RevLInspiration is finally up and blogging.  RevLInspiration: “I Write What I Like” are the RevLations on the journey of our own Global Pastor and Movement Mother, Rev. LaDonna M. Sanders Nkosi, Mother of Ubuntu Global Village. “I Write What I Like” comes from the collection of writings of our Steve Biko who courageously wrote what he was given to say in a time where to write and speak was a crime in South Africa.  Maki Mandela, elder daughter of the Honorable Nelson R. Mandela once told me very clearly back in 1989, to “never discount the privilege of the freedom to write and speak.”  It is in the spirit behind her words and those of the Steve Bikos and others named and un-named, that we write and speak for these times.  God bless you so much!  God loves you so much!